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Hello Pilipinas! Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao and outside the Philippines, how are you? We are here to bring you homeschooling, an outpour of intentional parenting. We promote homeschooling as an alternative education to every Filipino child in each province of the Philippines and other countries. Break the norm of looking “tipid” as a lessened connotation rather turn it into a mindset that being “sulit-tipid” mom/dad is being wise on every decision – intellectually, emotionally, and financially.

Sulit-Tipid at Pinoy Homeschooling Online Summit


A Three-Day Online Conference where you get to know parenting, marriage, and homeschooling life.

Sulit-Tipid at Pinoy Homeschooling University (STPHU)

STPH University is an online hub for homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers where learning takes place by maximizing our technology. Imagine a class where you can reach out to Filipinos in every part of the world. Classes are open every month and the variety of what we offer will definitely be for students and parents!

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Hammering Hearty Homeschooling

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Community Partners

About 4MS Sulit – Tipid Homeschooling Ph

Started with a decision to be intentional in parenting, homeschooling was a dream come true for Mommy Bernz. Conducting school subject tutorials was her way of freelancing when she was 11 moved to teaching ESL in college, it is also where she found what homeschooling is all about.

Bernice is passionate about helping families build them thru cost-effective education.

Enzo, her husband is a master builder in freelancing and virtual assistance. He is a game-changer in making sure his family is well-loved.

Her four kids namely Marco, Martina, Margaret and Marzel on which she fondly calls 4Ms are her inspiration to start a community where help is focused on raising leaders with love for the country.

Nine years of parenting in an intentional way led me to all the highs and lows adventures. We are a simple family of six, renting a house, riding jeepneys, tricycles, and public vehicles to do our errands. Homeschooling requires a lot of effort and so is motherhood. It is actually a lifestyle, a roller coaster ride of emotions yet so worth sharing. “Tipid” means frugal and I find it cool because our family thinks we choose to be wise in every decision of our family. In the Philippines, “tipid” has a bad connotation where being frugal meant second-best. Sulit-Tipid marks the best way to say it! The word “sulit” means effective, Sulit-Tipid means cost-effective! And it perfectly describes our way of homeschooling which is our way of life!

2009, pregnant with my eldest, I started my research about this buzzing memory of meeting a homeschooling family way back in my high school years. 2012 and pregnant with my second child, I came out to boldly check how is it done here in the Philippines. I got into an event and was amazed at how it was done with a school provider. Seeing the tuition fees, learning materials and books that I am desiring for my Marco… I prayed so hard to God to grant me an answer if this path is for our family. That same year, a scholarship was given to my son. I know many can surely relate, from our good and bad experiences to our what ifs as a parent. The fears we hide are the truth nuggets we must set free because in doing so, we become alive.

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Coming out of my shell has never been easy. My mind was boggling if I can stay committed in looking for possible options and solutions for homeschoolers like me. Living in a Third World country, three things will always be a common challenge here in the Philippines. First, we need to find accredited and affordable homeschooling providers for families whose status are like mine. Second, finding learning materials that will be effective. And lastly, communities where homeschoolers can grow together and have shared lives. These three are vital to be able to fully experienced a hearty homeschooling.


Promote homeschooling as an alternative education to every Filipino child in all the provinces of the Philippines and other countries. Break the norm of looking “tipid” as a lessened connotation rather turn it into a mindset that being “sulit-tipid” mom / dad is being wise on every decision – intellectually, emotionally, and financially.

Promote the sense of community where our homeschooling parents can thrive, share experiences, pool cost-effective resources, and to provide opportunities for ourselves and our children to build relationships with others who profess faith in Christ and whose values and perspectives are as our own.

Promote the love for our country by homeschooling or intentionally expose them to community work like immersions, outreach, and caring for our natural flora and fauna.


STPH HOMESCHOOLERS: Grow into the excellence of character, wisdom, and knowledge that will enable them to soar high and be an asset to the country.

STPH APPROACH: Cultivate environment and programs online and by events in the location per province. Projects will involve getting to know our Filipino heritage and pride.

STPH FUTURE: Homeschooling is just a normal educational choice for those who find intentional or mindful parenting effective for their children. Love for the country will come out naturally and be seen in what they do. Scholarships that are local and opportunities to study outside the country is also highly valued. We set the standard of what a Pinoy Homeschooler should be.

What Families Say

Kasama Ba Kita?

Ano ba ang Sulit-Tipid at Pinoy Homeschooling? Isa po kaming support group sa mga homeschoolers. Isa kaming hands-on na mga nanay at tatay na gustong tumulong sa kapwa nanay at tatay para hindi na malito at magawa din mga mali namin. Ang homeschooling ay education or pag-aaral na nanay at tatay ang mismong magtuturo sa anak. Sulit-Tipid meaning makukuha ang isang bagay sa isang mas sulit pero mas mura na halaga. Yan ang naging isa sa goals namin as a family, ang “sulit, tipid at Pinoy homeschooling”. Tama na ang “tipid mindset na sub-standard” kasi lahat ng magulang pina-paraanan ang mga kailangan with our maximum effort at decisions di ba? Pinoy na homeschooling kasi nasa Pilipinas ka.

Maraming nababasa at nakikita sa social media ngayon pero hindi naman lahat aakma at babagay sa bansa natin. Kaya importante din na binibigyan halaga ang pagmamahal sa bansa!
Ang mga hinahanap namin na homeschooler ay yung gusto at ilalaban ang “sulit, tipid at Pinoy homeschooling”. Para sa mga gaya ko na walang yaya, homebased ang trabaho, mga nasa full-time work na gusto maghomebased work, maraming nag-aantay na gawaing-bahay…

kinakailangan natin ng MAAYOS na structure ng homeschooling para masigurado natin na sulit at tama ang ginagawa natin sa binigay sa atin na oras araw-araw. Iba ang support group at iba rin ang homeschooling provider. With or without a provider, makakapag-homeschool po tayo. Pero maraming hirap kapag parehong wala ka – provider at support group. Maraming paraan ng homeschooling, dun papasok ano ba ang gusto mong uri ng homeschooling at ano ba ang kailangan ng family mo. Hindi ko ito kaya gawin mag-isa pero makakaya kung kapit-bisig! Kasama ba kita?